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Born January 17, 1966, city Brasschaat. A fire horse in Chinese astrology, this redhead developed into an artistic person. After the obligatory finger painting and potato stamping, little Veerle got her first paint brush, her first creation became a fact. After a long process of trial and error, then 20 years old but still rebellious, Veerie first became an artist.

Her creativity really bloomed when Gard Van Mechelen, renowned artist, took her under his wing. It started with aquarelle, soon followed by other techniques. The first work this stubborn Antwerp woman wanted to share was the birth of her firstborn, the result of which was an amazing greeting card.

Under the motto "carpe diem" she searched for her place in the artistic world.

Her art was noticed by interior designers who quickly stood in line to work with her. Veerle worked with passion resulting in a stunning array of floral paintings, which she showed off at the first Antwerp art city garden "the Antwerp Prairie".

Her painting on canvas, in recent years acrylic, characterizes itself by a series of bubbles. Unobtrusive yet present with the underlying idea that a circle is infinite, like her work.

Over the years she became, aside from her paintings on canvas, a very talented fresco artist who graced many walls with eternally beautiful frescos.

She is also not afraid to accept new challenges. In 2013 she designed a stage set, which like her other works, had great maturity and professionalism.

In short, the fire horse did her birth sign honor. Every day this Antwerp artist starts her day with new creative ideas.