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I, Veerle Vaessen, bid you welcome on my website donkerpaars!

A life of wonder and amazement…

As far as my deepest childhood memories go back, i was intriged by colors. Not that strange if you know that I grew up in a world full of colors. My parents had a printing shop in the city of Brasschaat. It was over there that I got bitten by the color virus. Where I looked i saw colors. Red,blue,green,yellow. I couldn't stay away from the printing shop.My father allowed me to play with colors ,between the hissing and pounding presses, Experimenting with mixing of color. I could spend hours over there.

As a youngster I had a rather rebellious character, but colors gave me peace. I coudn't get enough of it and it happened that I was sent out by my father because the mess I made was too much for him. During those times I walked or cycled to places with many flowers...Colors...That was it... The red of poppies, the purple of the heathland. There is no better aromatherapy than smell flowers.

Gard Van Mechelen, a known painter and friend of the family,taught me to canvas my passion for colors and flowers. A danish saying goes: "Art finds food everywhere!"

In nature I found food for my works, a full plate. In art your hands, head and heart have to work together. These three equal component made me the person that I am today. My hands, my head, my heart and my love for colors and nature give my everything I need to paint. My calling in art is not to copy nature, but to express her. My world, flowers to their deepest core, and the sun. When the sun shines, the energy flow at full speed through my body.

On dark day I'd rather not paint…